Happiness a Year Later

2018 ends tonight.  This was the year I aimed for happiness.  Looking back, happy isn’t exactly the word I would pick to describe the year my marriage officially ended.  I like data, so I went back to that happiness quiz that I took a year ago.  At the beginning of January 2018, my happiness score was 3.24, which was slightly below average.  I took the quiz again and got 5.21, which is very happy and above average.  The skeptic in me says this must be an anomaly because it’s Christmas vacation and the data lover in me thinks I should take the quiz over several days or weeks to get an average.  But I’ll conclude that my happiness has improved over the past year.

I only made it through nine months of my happy 2018 plan, but I’m happier now than I was a year ago.  I still have moments of sadness and anger.  I’ve learned through my year of pursuing happiness that it isn’t about being in a constant state euphoria.  Negative emotions still exist.  I’ve learned to let myself experience the bad, but not dwell and ruminate on it.  As difficult as going through a divorce was, it taught me that I can do anything and that the only person that controls my happiness is myself.

Scrolling back through 2018, I learned a lot about myself and developed healthy strategies for coping.  When my feelings get the best of me, I now want to meditate, go for a walk, or journal.  Depending on the strength of my emotions, I may do all three.  I’m on 231 consecutive days of meditation although I may have fallen asleep during some of those.  Meditation has become an essential part of my life and out of all the happiness strategies I’ve tried this year, it is the one that’s stuck and is the one that I turn to when life is overwhelming.

The other thing I learned is that pursuing happiness it is a constant journey with no destination.  It’s like exercising, you can’t workout for a year and then stop and stay fit.  So my happiness journey will continue.

Welcome 2019!


A new year and new paths to explore.

4 thoughts on “Happiness a Year Later

  1. Life can be oh so messy can’t it?

    I’m so pleased that you have managed to find ways to process and to find happiness in among the challenging times.

    I think there will always be negative elements to life, sometimes there will be seasons which have more. But when we can stop, breathe and actively search for the beauty among the mess then I think that’s where we find happiness. From what I read in your post, you have found the same thing to be true.

    For me, I have managed to find so much joy in contentment. Contentment seems a dirty word in todays fast, affluent society. But to me it rings up images of friends and family, appreciation of the everyday moments of life.

    May 2019 bring more happiness and joy for you!


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    • I also think that appreciating little mundane moments is what brings the most joy in life. People get fixated on big events and chasing major goals that they think will bring them happiness and forget that life is happening every day and to make the most of the little things.
      Wishing you a very content 2019!


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