Simplify in 2019

I adore the feeling of a new year, a fresh start, like crisp, clean and warm sheets straight out of the dryer.  With the divorce now officially behind me, I feel as though I am free.  I get to make decisions without having to consider anyone else; I’m my own autonomous nation.  Perhaps I should run off to Nepal to meditate or learn to cook in Paris, but what I’ve learned on my journey through this happy life is to be authentic to who I am.  Not to who I think I should be, not to who others expect me to be, not to what would make for exciting blog posts, just to who I am without any concern for what others think.

My theme for 2019 may not be adventurous or exciting, but it’s what I crave and that is to simplify my life.  Simplify so that I have time for what really matters to me.  Cleaning a big house and mowing an even bigger lawn are two things I think my life is too short to be doing.  I want to have time to breathe and pursue my passions rather than feeling like I don’t have time because of a never ending list of must-dos.  I want to simplify the stuff in my life, but also my mind and habits and routines.  Here’s my plan for what to simplify in 2019.

2019 Simplify my..
  1. Jan: Clothes
  2. Feb: Food and kitchen
  3. March: Garage
  4. April: Electronics
  5. May: Home
  6. June: Hobbies
  7. July: Travel
  8. Aug: Office
  9. Sept: Technology
  10. Oct: Money
  11. Nov: Mind
  12. Dec: Goals

I plan to keep pursuing happiness habits that I explored last year with daily meditation and journaling along with a weekly gratitude list.  I’m also going to try to do something social weekly because I know I can easily be an introverted homebody.  Even though I sometimes have to drag myself out of the house, spending time with friends does make me happy.  I also want to keep acts of kindness in my life, but weekly was overwhelming, so I’m aiming for doing five acts of kindness once a month.  They definitely make me feel good and have a ripple affect on the people around me.

Guess it’s time for me to go and simplify those clothes in my closet..


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