Winter Work Wardrobe

After deciding on my colors and sorting through my clothes, now it’s time to see what I have and whether I can make functional outfits.


  • Dark denim pants
  • Grey pants
  • Navy pants
  • White pants
    • I’m a huge fan of buying used clothes.  Almost all of my clothes come from thrift stores.
    • All of my pants are Express Editor Pants except for the navy ones.  I found that these fit me well many years ago and have stuck with them.  I’ve found that Poshmark (a website where people sell their clothes) is a great place to find specific brands and styles.  It’s not as cheap as going to Goodwill, but much cheaper than buying new.


Dresses/ Skirts:

  • Grey dress
  • Navy dress
  • Purple dress
  • Grey skirt
    • For the work week I plan to wear each pair of pants and then a skirt or dress on the other day.





  • Pink floral button down
  • Pink striped long-sleeved button down
  • Lavender long-sleeved button down
  • Floral long-sleeved button down
  • Green long-sleeved button down
  • Blue and white floral button down
  • Light blue long-sleeved button down
  • Long-sleeved grey t-shirt
  • White long-sleeved button down
  • White tank top: to wear under other shirts (not pictured)
    • I think the green one is a bit darker than I would like, so maybe I’ll replace at some point.
    • Also my style is very evident from my tops, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of floral button down shirts!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Jackets/ sweaters:

  • Light grey jacket
  • Denim jacket
  • Pink corduroy jacket
  • White denim jacket
  • Pink sweater
  • Grey sweater
  • Blue cardigan
    • I’m a fan of layering!




  • Grey ankle boots
    • I want to get past the brown or black shoe dilemma and have grey shoes.  I think grey would match all the colors of my wardrobe.  I have some grey ankle boots, but should get some grey calf boots to go with the skirt and dresses.  In the meantime I’ll be wearing either brown or black calf boots, but I might do tights with the grey ankle boots depending on how cold it is.


  • Blue pea coat
  • Winter hat
  • Winter scarf
    • I’d also like to add a grey belt to this category
    • I love this coat even though it’s a bit worn.  My friend gave it to me when she moved to Miami and I think that was almost ten years ago!

That’s my winter work wardrobe.  I definitely have plenty of outfits to make and everything matches.

Here’s what I’m wearing tomorrow:


This feels doable and I don’t need too much: grey calf boots and a belt.  Someday I’d also like to knit a new hat, but not essential at the moment.

As for all the clothes I’ve decluttered from my closet, I’ve made three piles.

  • Pile 1: The biggest pile is going to the thrift store next weekend.
  • Pile 2: These are nicer clothes that I’m getting rid of, but I’m thinking of trying to sell them on either Poshmark or ThredUp (online consignment stores).
  • Pile 3: this is my limbo pile.  These are the clothes that I do really like, but didn’t fit into this new color scheme.  I’m going to give this new wardrobe a few months to see if I miss my browns or get bored with my colors before I part with this pile.

2 thoughts on “Winter Work Wardrobe

  1. You are organized, the one thing that is a frequent flyer in my wardrobe, denim pants/shorts and lots of it. Just seems that what I buy even after I try on all that other stuff.


    • Denim is definitely super functional- matches everything and durable. I have a pair of dressy denim pants and a denim jacket I wear to work. For casual stuff, I found that I just wore my favorite jeans over and over, so I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite light pair and favorite dark pair.


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