So Long Spring Break

Spring break ends today.  The combination of time change and a 5:15 am alarm after no alarms for a week makes me dread Monday morning.

The weather wasn’t very spring like this past week, but buds still broke into bloom.  Peaches and plums flowered and one night the temperatures got dangerously low for them, but they seem to have come through unscathed.



I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to over the break, but I made a sizeable dent in my to-do list.

Here’s what I accomplished:

  • A decluttered garage
  • A decluttered laundry room (it’s amazing how a clean laundry room inspires me to put up clothes right away).
  • Shelled the big box of dried cowpeas
  • Planted some seeds in the garden: peas, lettuce, chard and beets
  • Planted potatoes
  • Cleaned up the garden beds, which included harvesting a pile of overwintering carrots
  • Replaced clips on garden fence
  • Replaced the spring on the screen door
  • Cooked for the coming week, lots of carrot based food: roasted carrot soup along with lentil and carrot veggie burgers.
  • Read two weeks ahead for my gardening class
  • Hemmed some pants that have been sitting in a pile for a very long time

Here’s what I didn’t finish:

  • The shower grout: scraping grout turned out to be much, much harder than I thought.  I think the problem is that this grout isn’t old, there are no cracks, it’s just stained from the hard water.  Anyway, I’ve only made it halfway through scraping the shower.  I don’t enjoy this task, so I’m setting aside thirty minutes daily for grout scraping.  I’ll eventually get there.


Also during break I read the book, The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden, which a fantasy book, and that’s far from my normal reading genre.  It was a nice escape into the adventures of a girl who could talk to horses and woodland spirits.  Domino and I would get under a pile of blankets on the porch daybed and read by the light of a headlamp.

I also had my Master gardening class on Tuesday and Thursday.  Each day someone volunteers to bring snacks, so I signed up for Tuesday since I knew I would have more time during break.  I made pumpkin hummus with carrots from the garden along with some pumpkin cookies (I still have a large pumpkin supply in the garage).  Everyone loved the snacks and I’m sure if there were bonus points, I would get some for bring something I grew. In class this week we learned about growing fruit and it has inspired me to make changes to my future garden plans.  I learned that the lowest maintenance fruits for here include: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, muscadines, persimmons, figs and pawpaws.  Growing these will make it more likely that I actually harvest some fruits without enormous effort.  I do need to find, and taste, a pawpaw before I invest the time and space into growing them.

This coming week my goal is to survive getting up early and going to work!

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