It’s been ten nights without a home, which feels like an eternity. Luckily I have some awesome people in my life that have let me crash at their houses.  I’m grateful for this, but my introverted self has a hard time acclimating to being around people all the time.  I’ve been staying with a friend and his family which includes three kids (ages 5 – 12), a dog, lots of chickens and several goats.   There’s a bit more activity and noise than Domino and I are used to.  Domino isn’t sure what to think of goats.  He will sneak up to the fence to sniff them until they look up at him and then he darts away.

I’m a routine person and when I’m living out of suitcases in a new place, everything is off-kilter. It’s hard to continue with everyday work and habits when I’m out of sorts.  The good news is that I’m supposed to close on my new house this Wednesday!  That means only three more nights without my own home.

I still have a lot to do before Wednesday: getting utilities set-up in my name, transferring insurance, going to the bank to wire money, calling movers.  I’m going to have plenty of work ahead of me with unpacking, but I think I feel much better when I have my own home again and I can start to settle in.


Soon-to-be Home

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