Home Sweet Home, New Edition

I bought my new house on Wednesday!  That also means I paid my last mortgage payment!  It was an exciting week!

I’ve been unpacking and settling in the past four days.  The movers aren’t coming until Tuesday, but I’ve pulled everything out of storage that I could possibly cram into my Prius.  Fun fact: a twin-sized mattress can fit into a Prius.

The house is lovely and I’m so glad I decided to buy a new house.  Everything is move-in ready and I don’t have to worry about fixing anything at the moment.  That means I can spend time and money on other things like curtains, furniture and of course, my new garden.  I got a stack of landscape design books from the library and I’ve been making plans, oh so many plans!

For me, unpacking the kitchen is essential.  Home isn’t home without a functioning place to cook.  I was worried that I wasn’t going to have enough cabinet space coming from a giant kitchen, but I had room for everything and even a bit to spare.  I love the white cabinets and backsplash with grey countertops and the light fixture with that fancy design on the ceiling.  It’s a new happy place for me where I can make lots of delicious meals.  The only thing I need to get for the kitchen are some bar stools and I’d like to put up some hooks for measuring spoons on the inside of a cabinet, but other than that it’s perfect.


My new kitchen

The other side of the kitchen has a little built-in that was meant to be a desk, but it’s become Domino’s spot.  Then there’s the adorable barn door for the pantry.  The pantry has plenty of space and I love rolling open the barn door.

Another thing I love about my new home is the park in my backyard.  Domino and I have been exploring the trails (when I say explore, that may be synonymous with getting lost).  The trails wind through the forest that’s currently decked out in autumn colors.  It’s a beautiful and peaceful place.  I love that I can go out my backdoor to this park and not have to maintain it like the 12 acres at my last home.


I think Domino approves of our new walking spot.  There are new sights and smells, plus lots of places to play in the creek, which is one of his favorite activities.


It’s nice to be home again.

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