I spent the last week and a half visiting my family for the holidays.  There have been lots of get-togethers, last-minute Christmas shopping trips, gift exchanges, and delicious meals.


I spent time with my little great-niece, she’s a year old now.  Her loves at the moment include food and dogs.  I took family photos for my niece and learned that it’s a lot easier to take pictures of a newborn than a one-year-old.  Getting the combination of her looking at the camera and smiling was a rare event.  I spent about an hour taking pictures and got maybe ten decent photos.

My step-dad turned 76 while I was visiting.  He has had a lot of health problems, but at the moment he’s doing alright.  I’ve started taking more notice of relationship dynamics, trying to figure out what makes some relationships last while others fall apart. Watching my mom and step-dad makes me want to stay far, far away from long term relationships.  My step-dad has always been a grumpy old man (probably even when he was young), but his negativity has gotten worse over the years.  I know he has a lot of health problems and probably doesn’t feel good a lot of the time, but he’s often mean to my mom even though she does so much for him.  She works full time, he’s retired, but she comes home and cooks for him, waiting on him, and it seems all he does is complain.  He gets angry at the tiniest things and says not such nice things to my mom (which makes me angry!).  I would much rather stay single than have a marriage like that.

Anyway, back to Christmas… Domino was enthusiastic about Christmas morning.  He isn’t always into opening presents, but this year he got into the Christmas spirit, ripping open presents, playing with toys and eating lots of treats.


Only two more days here and then it’s time to head home and get ready for a new semester and a new year.

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