20 for 2020

My word theme for 2020 is sustain, which is all about sustainable living and sustaining my mind, body, and spirit.  In addition to having a word theme for the year, I want some more specific goals.  One of my favorite podcasts is Happier by Gretchen Rubin, which had an episode about setting 20 goals for 2020.  I’ve set my goals for the coming year to go along with my sustain theme for the year.

My 20 goals for 2020:
  1. Journal every day for a month.
  2. Read 30 books.
  3. Sew something.
  4. Make soap.
  5. Make a cleaning and maintenance schedule for my home and follow it.
  6. Start a new vegetable garden.
  7. Plant fruit trees and shrubs.
  8. Join the YMCA and go to an exercise class.
  9. Volunteer 20 hours.
  10. Pick another charity to donate to monthly.
  11. Take Domino to the beach.
  12. Go camping.
  13. Host something at my home.
  14. Install garden watering system and rain tank.
  15. Go to a meditation class or retreat.
  16. Buy foods in bulk.
  17. Make a landscape design plan for my yard.
  18. Learn something new- take a class for fun.
  19. Do a digital detox challenge.
  20. Write letters to agents for my garden book.

For January my focus is sustaining my spirit by incorporating activities into my daily life that make me happy.  One of those activities is journaling.  Many years ago I used to journal regularly.  I would meticulously pick out my journal for the year that had to have the right thickness of paper, pages that lay flat and a cover that made me happy (or decorate it myself).  Then I would spend the year filling the pages of my journal.  I’m not sure what happened to this habit.  I think I thought my life got too boring to write about.

Perfectionism also got in the way of journaling.  I read about morning pages and thought that it must be the right way to journal.  Domino expects a walk as soon as he wakes up, so journaling immediately upon waking wasn’t going to happen.  If I couldn’t journal the right way, why journal at all?

I don’t need to scribble at the crack of dawn or have an amazing adventure to journal.  I want to journal to sort through my thoughts and to be mindful of my days.  My goal for January is to journal daily.  It doesn’t have a be at a specific time and I don’t have to write a specific length.  My goal is to simply write daily.


I stumbled upon this adorable journal in the clearance section of Tractor Supply of all places.

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