The End of Spring Break and the Beginning of Covid-19 School Shutdown

Spring break has come to an end, but because of the coronavirus, all of my classes will be going online by Wednesday.  Faculty have to attend meetings on-campus tomorrow and Tuesday.  In those two days, we get to convert our courses to online for at least the next three weeks. Two of my courses will be fine because I’ve taught them online before and we have good virtual labs that come with the textbook.  My other course is going to be a challenge.  We were going to start research projects next week, which is going to be difficult to transition online when they were working in groups and doing projects that require lab equipment.  Guess I’ll figure all that out in the next two days!

As for spring break, I spent most of my time working on my new garden.


This is the section of the garden I’m trying to get prepped before our last frost date (mid-April). The dugout sections are the paths and the grass strips will be the raised beds.  The raised beds will be made up of brick pavers.  My plan is to set these pavers in concrete so that they don’t topple over.  To do this requires me to have a frame for the concrete, which is what that piece of vinyl siding is in the picture.  This was just for practice, hopefully when I break out the concrete, I can get the pavers a bit more level.  The paths will be filled with gravel.  Then, of course, the beds will need to be filled with soil.  I have plenty of work ahead of me, but that’ll keep me busy while I try to stay home as much as possible during this pandemic.  I’m a homebody, so that’s not a difficult task for me.

I’m also happy to get to stay home with Domino.  A couple of weeks ago, he wasn’t doing well: labored breathing, restlessness, and the biggest concern: he wouldn’t eat.  I was terrified because it’s almost been six months since his heart problem was diagnosed and the vet said he likely had six months to a year to live.  Luckily after spending the day at the vet getting tests and treatment, he came home.  His appetite returned and he seems to feel much, much better.  I’m grateful to get to spend some extra time with him during this time of social distancing.

Teacher’s helper for the next three weeks

2 thoughts on “The End of Spring Break and the Beginning of Covid-19 School Shutdown

  1. I’m glad to hear that Domino is doing well.

    How big are your raised beds?

    It looks like we too have to go online after the 2 week break.


    • My raised beds are 3 ft wide (because I’m short and can’t reach the middle in a standard 4ft bed). The lengths vary, but the ones in the pic are 12 ft long.

      Good luck with getting your classes online, it’s a lot of work and it’s going to be a lot of grading.


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