The End of a Crazy Semester

The semester ended on Friday and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more relieved for summer break.  We ended up having half of the semester online with two days’ notice.  It was an incredible amount of work at a time when I felt very little motivation.  It was hard to keep going with the world in the middle of a pandemic while being stuck alone at home with no structure to my days.  But the semester is over and I have three months of summer vacation ahead of me and hopefully by August, life and work will be somewhat more normal.

As much as I’m relieved to have completed the semester, it eliminates what little structure I had left to my days and weeks.  I’m trying to establish a summer rhythm that allows me to get the things done that I want to while still giving me time to relax, recharge, and recover from the past two months.

My main summer projects are to finish building my vegetable garden and landscape my front yard.  I’d also like to work on making Roman shades for more of the windows and take the time to get back into some neglected hobbies like writing, reading, and photography.  I also need to incorporate a bit more exercise into my life (it seems online teaching plus stress plus lack of motivation equals binge eating chocolate!).

My little garden is growing well…


Rattlesnake beans reaching for the trellis with zinnia seedlings.


I’m growing Malabar spinach for the first time, here’s my first seedling.


First tomato flowers!


First little bell peppers

Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick my first harvests in a few weeks!

2 thoughts on “The End of a Crazy Semester

  1. I know how you feel about the end of spring semester. 🙂
    My summer semester starts tomorrow, but I teach only two sections of the same course. So It should be easy.

    I love Malabar spinach. I grew it for a while, and then it got a disease – like rust spots on leaves. No matter how much I tried I couldn’t grow healthy plants after that.

    I hope you have a very productive and stress free summer. 🙂


    • Seems like they didn’t give you much of a break between spring and summer sessions. Hopefully it will be more manageable. At least students know they are signing up for an online class, I think the sudden change was a bit much for some students (and faculty!).
      That’s a shame about your Malabar spinach, sounds like some kind of fungus. Maybe you could try some soil solarization to try to kill it, although I don’t know how far it can spread.


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