Watering the Garden

I would love for it to rain about an inch per week, preferably as a slow, steady rain instead of a torrential downpour. Of course the universe laughs at me as we received five inches of rain in one week and then nothing except a sprinkle that evaporated immediately for the next month. That means I have to water my garden. I have dreams of water tanks and a drip irrigation system. The water tank dream hasn’t come true yet, but the drip irrigation dream is now a reality in my garden.

After drawing out where the PVC pipes will run and the connections I needed, then it was a fun game of shopping online between two Lowe’s locations and Home Depot trying to find the right parts.. diameter, thread or slip, male or female.. in stock. I managed to get everything ordered online and picked it up. Of course I get home and out of all the valves I got, one was slip instead of threaded. For now, I skipped one bed that’s not built yet, so I have a functioning drip system while missing this valve.

Drip irrigation system with valves for each raised bed

Why a drip system?

  • First, I love putting together PVC pipe.. maybe I missed my calling as a plumber.
  • Second, it saves water by slowly dripping into the soil so that it doesn’t runoff or evaporate. Now that I’m on city water, I’m much more aware of how much water I use. The day after I watered my garden for the first time, I get an alert informing me that I used four times more water than my average use – that’s why I’m dreaming of water tanks.
  • Third, it prevents the foliage from getting wet which can help prevent fungal diseases which are common in my hot, humid summers.
  • Fourth, I can make sure to only water my raised beds that need it by having valves. Also, unlike with using a sprinkler, I don’t water paths which once again saves water, but also deprives weeds of water.
Irrigation tubing with drip emitters every six inches

In other garden news, my bed building continues and I was impressed with myself for successfully building a circular bed. I used vinyl siding for the concrete frame along with plenty of stakes. I also managed to build a curve for another bed as well. I’m over halfway done with garden building. I hope to finish by the end of July. Silly me put ‘build new vegetable garden’ as my goal for March. Hopefully five months later, I’ll get to check it off the list.

Circular paver raised bed that will be home to herbs

As for harvests, I continue to pick salad greens and the new harvest this week was green beans.. four of them!

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